Woman Discovers Terrifying Surprise In Her Suitcase After Trip to Kenya [Horror IRL]

A woman recently returned to her native Ireland from a trip to Kenya. Sometime after touching down in her home country, Lorraine Dempsey discovered an uninvited guest had made the return trip with her. The stowaway in question is a fat-tailed scorpion (whom Dempsey has named Kenny).

Dempsey didn’t realize that Kenny had tagged along back to Ireland with her until 12 days after her return. When she made the discovery, her reaction was, not surprisingly, one of total shock. She chronicled her experience on Facebook, with one post saying: “I had a five-second encounter with Kenny this morning before he disappeared under the bed and my brain exploded trying to process what I had just discovered.”

After a 90-minute search, Dempsey located Kenny and smartly placed the little stowaway in a box labeled: “Scorpion – Do not open!”

After capturing the escaped arthropod, Dempsey called the National Reptile Zoo in Kilkenny, Ireland and they have since taken possession of Kenny. Zoo director, James Hennessy tells NBC News that the fat-tailed scorpion’s sting is not “medically significant”. That knowledge must have been a relief to Dempsey, who had originally believed the specimen to be a deathstalker scorpion, a far more dangerous variety.

Hennessy also told NBC that this isn’t the first stowaway he’s encountered, going on to say: “It’s not as rare as you’d think. We do get a few cases every few weeks where something has gone into someone’s luggage or something.”

Following Kenny’s safe transport to the National Reptile Zoo, Dempsey posted to Facebook, saying “Bye bye Kenny the Kenyan Death Stalker. Kind of sad to see the back of him.”

The Zoo reports that Kenny is “now safe and sound (and very secure!) in our venomous unit.”

That’s all for this installment of Horror IRL, stay tuned to the site for more developments as we learn them.



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