Survival Horror Crow Country gets a new trailer and Demo.

This morning, a new trailer dropped for the survival horror game Crow Country. With many games will get new demos this week as a part of Steams Next Fest. It’s Steam’s way of highlighting indies across all genres. Crow Country looks to set itself apart in this year’s festival.

Crow County looks to challenge players in this new demo to find 15 hidden crystal crows throughout the demo. With this latest trailer, we get a more expansive look into the world of Crow Country and the horrors that await. The art style stands out and really asks, what if Final Fantasy 7 was a survival horror?

Crow Country takes place in the 1990s. Two years after eclectic theme park operator Edward Crow disappeared and his park Crow Country closed down. Players take on the role of Maya Forest to discover what happened and survive the terror that awaits her.

The demo for Crow Country during Steams Next Fest, cleverly titled the “Next Fest Crow Quest,” will highlight the somber and terrifying theme park. While pitting players up against some difficult puzzles that promise to unlock new areas and provide us with new clues as to what is happening. Beyond this, we will also be facing toe to toe with some of the horrific enemies that have made Crow Country their home.

If you are a fan of the PlayStation Final Fantasy 7 look, PlayStation-inspired survival horror, or, honestly, just someone doing something interesting in the survival horror genre, look no further. Crow Country begs to ask the question, who is Maya Forest? Why did Edward disappear, and why was his park shut down? Hopefully, this demo will give you just enough of a taste while we wait for the full release.

Now is your chance to experience Crow Country, as the demo is only available between February 5th and 12th. With a release year of 2024. We don’t have a solid date yet, but one can hope it comes soon. Crow Country has been a lot of fun, and I’d love to see the ingenuity throughout the entire game. 



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