Murder Suspect Arrested With a Severed Hand in His Pocket [Horror IRL]


Solomon Martinez of Pueblo, Colorado was recently taken into custody on murder charges. The victim in the case has been identified as Renee Portillo.

The Pueblo Chieftain reports that the suspect, who works as a security guard, wound up on law enforcement’s radar when a witness called in a tip about a homicide.

More than one unnamed witness provided details about the case to police. A witness reported seeing Martinez at a car wash where the suspect showed up and began cleaning blood off his hands with the pressurized hose. Additional accounts reveal that Martinez was looking for help digging a 10-foot hole and was seen rifling through the trunk of his car where he appeared to be struggling with ‘something big’.

A witness told police that he observed Martinez dragging Portillo’s body to the area where it was abandoned. Her head had already been separated from her body by that point.

Authorities eventually located Portillo’s remains in Fountain Creek. She was identified by the coroner using a fingerprint.

When Martinez was apprehended by law enforcement, Portillo’s severed hand was found in his coat pocket. The appendage was wrapped inside a plastic grocery bag. Martinez told police it had been in his pocket for two days.

When law enforcement inquired about the suspect’s whereabouts on the night of the murder, Martinez said he had picked up a sex worker and refused to pay her. When authorities showed him a picture of Portillo, he confirmed that she was the sex worker he had picked up. But he said he later dropped her off.

Martinez has been charged with murder and is currently being held on a $1 million bond.

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