‘Butchers Book Two: Raghorn’ Exclusive: The Cannibal Carnage Continues

Butchers Book Two

Adrian Langley is continuing his cannibal trilogy Butchers with the second installment Butchers Book Two: Raghorn. So get ready for more gore, grim, and backwoods terror!

Read the full synopsis below:

Butchers, the first film in the trilogy, introduced a family of sadistic butchers living in the backcountry, who see anyone that crosses their path as dead meat. In Butchers Book Two: Raghorn, the story continues when a car accident leaves the captors in the hands of brutal cannibals who plan to hack them up for meat.

We have an exclusive look at the film’s poster, as well as some first-look stills!

BUTCHERS BOOK TWO_Still_Nick Biskupek and Hollie Kennedy
BUTCHERS BOOK TWO_still_Sam Huntsman and Nick Biskupek
BUTCHERS BOOK TWOstill_HollieKennedy and Sam Huntsman

Nick Biskupek, Sam Huntsman, Hollie Kennedy, Mark Templin, Miguel Cortez, and Micheal Swatton star in the film.

Butchers Book Two: Raghorn comes to select theaters on February 23rd and will be available everywhere on VOD on February 29th.



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