The Queen & The Sea, Dead Cells DLC, Coming in January

The Queen & The Sea is an upcoming DLC for Dead Cells coming next month. Starting January 6, players can dredge it up for PCs and consoles. It’s the largest, most ambitious update to Dead Cells to date.

Two new Biomes will come with The Queen & The Sea. First is The Infested Shipwreck, a rotten vessel plagued by eldritch monsters. Second is The Lighthouse, a vertical Biome which forces players to outrun rising flames while fending off powerful warriors. The Queen is the new boss at the top of The Lighthouse, but the Dead Cells team refuses to elaborate more about her until the release.

Dead Cells The Queen & The Sea Screenshot
Two new Biomes and a new boss will come with the update when it drops early next January.

In addition to the Biomes and their mysterious boss, you can snag a new evolving pet and nine new weapons. The Leghugger is a summoned creature that evolves as it feeds off of enemies. The Hand Hook is a fun tool that will allow you to toss enemies into walls. The Abyssal Trident lurks just out of sight through a sidequest, and The Queen’s rapier can cut through reality itself. And, well, now you can throw a living shark at your enemies, so there’s something you can look forward to next year. Find the trailer on the Motion Twin YouTube channel.

The DLC will come with a “Road to the Sea” bundle, which includes the base game and complete DLC trilogy. It’s $32.99 or your equivalent. For those who already own the base Dead Cells, you can collect a DLC pack bundle with all three DLCs for $11.99 (or local equivalent).

Motion Twin is an indie game development based in France. They’re the creators of the Dead Cells game for the PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. The studio’s been around since 2001.

Evil Empire formed in 2018 from ex-Motion Twin members. They continue to collaborate and partner with Motion Twin, but focus on producing new original content for Dead Cells and other new IPs.



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