Madmind Publishing New Horror IP

Madmind will publish a new horror IP in the near future. HELP ME! is the first collaboration between Madmind Studio and Black Rat Studio. After the success of releasing over 100,000 copies of Succubus, Madmind decided to start collaborating with other teams to release games. Starting in mid-2022, players can support the project using Kickstarter and help fund the game. The Madnight 2021: Horror Showcase will offer the first taste of the game with its first trailer on December 16.

Developed using Unreal Engine 5, HELP ME! uses ultra-realistic graphics with photogrammetry and other modern techniques. Set in modern-day Moscow, it includes an interactive environment to truly immerse yourself in the game world. Those who support the title will gain access to an exclusive demo version, allowing them to see the fruits of the team’s labor before anyone else. The team has not announced a starting date for the crowdfunding campaign at this point in time.

Madmind Studio Help Me! Photogrammetry
Photogrammetry provides an almost uncanny realism to the upcoming HELP ME!

Playable character Maxim attempts to find his missing father. Only the mysterious nightmares haunting him provide clues to his disappearance. As he uncovers more and more family secrets, however, the line between his nightmares and reality becomes more and more blurred. You can check out the remainder of the HELP ME! gallery at Rely on Horror. For the moment, you can Wishlist HELP ME! on Steam. Look forward to the first trailer when it comes out next week at the Madnight 2021: Horror Showcase.

Tomasz Dutkiewicz founded Madmind Studio, an indie game development studio, in 2016. The team has since grown into a group of passionate developers who have worked over ten years in the gaming industry. Madmind Studio’s staff are “determined to create the best possible, visually stunning games with a unique atmosphere.”



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