Strange Horticulture, Plant Occult Mystery, Releases New Trailer

Strange Horticulture released a new trailer today, along with a demo for Steam Next Fest. Strange Horticulture expects a release sometime next year, though does not have a definitive set date at the moment.

Your job as the Horticulturist is to collect and catalogue mysterious plants. You’ll pet a cat, speak to a witch coven, and maybe even join a cult in your journey. Your collection of plants will alter the story and reveal the mystery surrounding the little hamlet of Undermere. The people come to you with requests for help and information at Strange Horticulture. You’ll explore the region, riddled with hag covens and surrounded by towering mountains, and find new plants. With the knowledge of an encyclopedia and clues uncovered during your expeditions, you can learn more about the strange plants you discover. After identifying it and its properties, you can use them to affect the story. One may induce a powerful hallucinogenic effect, and the other is a deadly poison. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Strange Horticulture Notes
Research plants and fungi and determine their effects, then put them into action.

The Steam Next Fest takes place from today, October 1, until October 7. Many studios have provided demos for their upcoming games and projects. These demos are available for a limited time, until the end of the October Steam Next Fest. For now, though, you can check out the demo for Strange Horticulture on the official Steam page. Don’t forget to follow it and Wishlist it, too, if it piques your interest. Check out the trailer on YouTube from publisher Iceberg Interactive, as well.

Bad Viking is an indie game development studio based in England. Founded by brothers Rob and John Donkin, it seeks to create fun, fresh, and imaginative games that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Iceberg Interactive, founded 2009, is located in Haarlem in the Netherlands. Its franchises include Starpoint Gemini, Killing Floor, and Circle Empires, among others.



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