Doomblade, Action Metroidvania, Announced

Iceberg Interactive announced a new title yesterday. Doomblade is a 2D action-packed Metroidvania (or Igavania) with plans to come to the PC some time next year. Muro Studios developed the game, and Iceberg Interactive will publish.

Doomblade, together with Gloom Girl, journey to uncover the powers of the void. The Doomblade is a sentient weapon determined to escape, using Gloom Girl to achieve its own ends. Though the weapon is eager to take its revenge on the Dread Lords who bound it in the Underworld, it must recover its former strength and glory. By searching for statues of the old gods, the Doomblade can regain its energy from the long-extinct Gloomfolk.

Doom and Gloom will travel throughout the Lowlands, from the halls of Gloomhaunt to the New Wilderwood forest. Gloom Girl will destroy the guardians and track down the Dread Lords responsible for the Doomblade’s imprisonment.

Doomblade Screenshot Combat
Doomblade will include plenty of Igavania gameplay with some very nice aesthetics next year.

Learn more about the game by checking out its official Steam page. You can Wishlist it and follow its development to get the latest before it comes out next year. Muro Studios also provided a trailer to go with the announcement, which you should check out on YouTube.

Muro Studios, based in Helsinki, Finland, has roots in Aalto University. The team originally met and began work on Shadow Bug together as one of their first projects. Shadow Bug released in 2017, published by Muro Studios as an indie title.

Iceberg Interactive, located in Haarlem in the Netherlands, is an indie video game publisher. Founded in 2009, they work with game developers across the globe. Their franchises include Starpoint Gemini, Killing Floor, and Circle Empires. Other recent PC titles include Shortest Trip to Earth, Blazing Sails, and Railroad Corporation. The publisher’s upcoming games include Midnight Protocol, Strange Horticulture, and Sacred Fire, all for PC platforms.



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