The Rewinder Releasing September 10

The Rewinder, a 2D puzzle-adventure game with a heavy emphasis on Chinese mythology, will come to Steam starting September 10.

Rewinders are people who can commune with spirits, explore memories, and even alter the past. Qi Yun is the last Rewinder. The guards of the underworld order Qi Yun to investigate a small village devastated by strange disappearances and deaths. He will also investigate why one spirit could not be reincarnated. The only living denizen left is a woman sitting alone in a teahouse. Otherwise, the village is deserted and crawling with restless ghosts. Qi Yun will speak to the spirits and explore the lingering memories in the area to figure out what really happened in the village seven years ago and possibly save everyone.

Along the way, Qi Yun will meet figures such as the Spirit Wardens, one with the head of an ox and the other with the face of a horse. Following their request, Qi Yun will also run into Tudi Gong, the Keeper of the Land. Using sense collected from the various memories, Qi Yun can change the behavior and intentions of the NPC and change the course of history. The art direction in The Rewinder resembles Chinese ink paintings, with careful attention paid to the depiction of the world inhabited by spirits and monsters.

The temple dedicated to Tudi is one of many crumbling locations to visit in The Rewinder.

Misty Mountain Studio was founded in 2018. Though the studio began in Melbourne, it moved to China last year. The small team is comprised of six people with a variety of backgrounds and experience.

Gamera Game, the publisher, is based in Shanghai. Founded in 2018, it services indie games and works with developers located around the globe. Amazing Cultivation Simulator is one of the studio’s previous publications.

Wishlist The Rewinder on Steam now, and be sure to check out the linked trailer. There’s also a demo on Steam if you’d like to get a taste of the game before you buy.



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