Mayhem in Single Valley Coming to Steam this Month

Mayhem in Single Valley, an upcoming action adventure, is coming to Steam on May 20. A demo is currently available via Steam, as well. Publisher tinyBuild confirmed the news in a press release this past Thursday.

Mayhem in Single Valley has players take control of Jack. Jack is a teenager who wakes up one morning and chooses raw unfiltered chaos by accidentally starting the apocalypse. Sleepy little hometowns will never be the same, nor will the wildlife.

Jack will fight radioactive squirrels, navigate their freshly-haunted school, and try to make their friends and neighbors proud. Proud of Jack for helping them out with their problems. Starting the end of the world, maybe not quite so much. Highlights of Mayhem in Single Valley include its physics-based puzzles and a portable cassette player soundtrack of the player’s choosing. And, perhaps most importantly, it seems you can pet Murphy the dog. Jack will combine a bunch of different food types with antidotes and poisons to deal with the rampaging wildlife.

Mayhem in Single Valley Screenshot Rhino
Apparently there’s a surplus of rhinos in the vicinity. How? Why? It’s a mystery you’ll have to look into, it seems.

With its retro-styled pixel graphics, there’s something charming and nostalgic about Mayhem in Single Valley. Developed by Fluxscopic, the team has worked remotely to deliver the product. Established by Brian Cullen in Ontario after his first game You Are Not a Banana, it seeks to combine the best of the past with modern indie design. tinyBuild, the publisher, supports developers around the world by publishing titles such as Hello Neighbor, Graveyard Keeper, and Pathologic.    For now, you can learn more about Mayhem in Single Valley from its Steam page. Don’t forget to try out its demo and Wishlist it before Thursday, May 20. There’s also a trailer, which you should check out above.



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