Real Life Evil Clown Terrorizing Town in England!

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clown s - Real Life Evil Clown Terrorizing Town in England!I think most of you reading this right now will agree that there are few things more horrifying than creepy ass clowns. Thankfully, such clowns are typically only found in horror movies. But what if one of them leaped off the screen and started stalking the streets of your town?

That’s the situation the residents of the town of Northampton, England are faced with at the moment, a rash of sightings of a frightening clown holding the town hostage with fear. Perhaps that’s a bit of an overstatement, since the clown isn’t actually hurting anyone, but he’s standing around being all creepy and he’s accomplishing what he seems to be setting out to do, which is creep everyone out.

Thanks to social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook, the clown is scaring more than just the residents of Northampton, with new sightings of him being documented every day and making all those outside of the town glad they don’t live there.

By all accounts the clown is totally harmless, but his creepiness is getting to the point that it’s causing quite the uproar. Rumors have been spreading that the clown is carrying a knife, which the man under the makeup debunked on his Facebook page. “That’s just stupid rumors spread by stupid people,” he said. “If what I am doing does get too much for people, I will have to stop,” the Pennywise inspired clown went on to say.

For now, the Northampton Clown continues to stalk the streets, and you can safely follow his adventures from afar on Twitter, using the #northamptonclown, and on the Spot Northampton’s Clown Facebook page.

I prefer when this kind of stuff stays inside the confines of Stephen King novels and horror movies, so let’s hope the Northampton Clown gets a job at a local haunted attraction, and can satiate his desires to scare in a controlled environment like that. Not cool, dude. Not cool at all!

clown - Real Life Evil Clown Terrorizing Town in England!

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