Release Date Announced For Dreamlike Nightmare Metroidvania Endless Memories

Recently it was announced that the upcoming Metroidvania Endless Memories will soon be released. Developed and published by Homunculus Games, the side scrolling platformer takes in a stylish cartoon world reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda. In it you play as Rem as he journeys through the astral plane of the mind. In other words, it seems he’s asleep.

Endless Memories takes place entirely within the dream world. Specifically, a psychic plane of existence called the Laboratory of Dreams, where all minds are interconnected through the subconscious while sleeping. The plot right now is unknown, other than the fact that the dream has elements of a nightmare, and Rem must fight his way through all manner of monsters in order to escape.

The release date for Endless Memories is October 19th. It will be available on PC and Switch. For more information, check out their Steam page by clicking here. 



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