Exclusive Haunted Attraction Preview: Candice Catron Talks Haunted Hollywood Sports

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zkills - Exclusive Haunted Attraction Preview: Candice Catron Talks Haunted Hollywood SportsLast year we described it as an “intensely unique experience,” and this year Haunted Hollywood Sports, home of the first walk-through “Zombie Killhouse,” returns in October for ten nights of interactive, adrenaline-fueled terror.

Read on for our chat with HHS’ Candice Catron.

Located at 9030 Somerset Blvd. in Bellflower, CA, Haunted Hollywood Sports is the seasonal (and spooky) creation of Hollywood Sports, a park dedicated year-round to the pursuit of Airsoft and Paintball. For the uninitiated, the former is basically paintball without the mess and cumbersome guns. Resembling the military-style firearms they mimic with exacting detail, Airsoft weaponry eschews paint in favor of 6mm plastics BBs, which can be fired rapidly and with high velocity.

In a nutshell, by pairing the “haunted maze” concept with the sport of Airsoft, Haunted Hollywood Sports offers attendees the option of not only fleeing the park’s monsters but also shooting a few of them as well (in one of their three new “Killhouses”), and how cool is that?

“The experience of the ‘Killhouses’ this year will make you feel like you are actually at risk of being eaten by zombies,” Catron told us of the Zombie, Voodoo and Deadman’s Trail Killhouses, all new for 2013.

“We are using Airsoft Electric Guns (AEGs) that will give you the feeling you are shooting an actual firearm,” she continued. “The guns not only give you that real recoil after every shot but leave no room for user error as opposed to the guns we have used in the past. We have also added a new ‘Killhouse’ shooting range this year called ‘Evil Axis.’ In this area you will be shooting .68 cal. paintballs with battle-tested, military-style guns while trying to protect the rest of civilization.”

Chatting with Catron regarding changes for the 2013 haunt (you can read our review from last year here), she stated, “As a haunted event, we have matured. We added to our crew and have one goal in mind: to make our customers happy. With the help of 7 Up, we built a free-standing walk-through maze that is exclusive for Halloween and is not a part of normal park operations. We also have condensed the park immensely to ensure our guests are being stimulated every step of the way.”

In addition to the “Killhouses,” visitors can also expect for 2013 three haunt mazes (All American Armageddon, Cannibal Caverns and Venom), two scare zones (Carnival of the Damned and Outpost Z) and the eighteen and over nightclub Club Crimson.

As for the hiring of their performers (who were impressive for the haunt’s inaugural year), Catron offered, “Hiring was rigorous. We auditioned individually and hand-selected the best ones to fit each part. The number of returning talent was astounding. It was great seeing talent return back to our park. We have also added more rehearsal nights and additional training to really get them going.”

Dread Central will be there on September 27th so expect a review, and in the meantime visit the official Haunted Hollywood Sports website to purchase your tickets. (Note: There’s an additional charge for the Killhouses so check out their list of attractions and plan accordingly.)

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