Metro Redux, A Series About Confinement, Ironically Coming to Switch, A Console About Mobility

Wow, look at that. There’s something so touching about this pairing. In the world of Metro, humanity is forced to huddle in their cramped and dingy tunnels. The world is full of monsters, the air toxic. Get past that, and there’s the Nazis to deal with. Even if humanity could leave, it would likely choose not to. And here you are, with your Switch. Not only able to move freely, but encouraged to. But even so, are not we all confined by the walls of our mortal existence? Long after we are dead and gone, Metro will remail. Our bones will be dust and flesh pumped at the soylent factory, and the gamers of tomorrow will still be able to experience Artyom’s story (coming soon to the Playstation 19).

Am I stretching? Most definitely. What can I say, it’s Metro Redux on the Switch. It’s everything you got from Metro: 2033 and Metro: Last Light, plus their DLC. Only now, it’s on the Switch. If you haven’t played the Metro series, it’s definitely worth your time. The series holds up thanks to the unique setting and some truly bleak level design. It’s also worth checking out if you’ve only played Metro Exodus. The linear style of 2033 and Last Light give it a more cinematic feel, and really let the horror elements shine.

Switch gamers will be able to pick up Metro Redux on February 28th for $49.99. The titles can also be bought individually for $24.99 each. You can also preorder the game at Gamestop to receiver the Ranger Cache. The Ranger Cache has some posters and stuff, which is nice since it’s technically free. If you never got the chance to check out Metro Redux before, you can also pick it up on Steam by clicking the link here.



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