New WASTELAND 3 Trailer Reveals May 19th Release Date

Of all of the new titles inspired by classic games, none tickles my fancy like Wasteland 2 and 3. Everyone today is talking about The Outer Worlds bringing Fallout back to its roots, but Wasteland 2 was doing that way before it was cool. And if you think The Outer Worlds is classic Fallout, then you’re too young to be reading my articles. Wasteland 2 brings shit waaaaay back, to before the series went first-person. Hell, before it was even called Fallout. It’s top-down, brutally difficult, and with a ton of weird. Just how I like it.

Wasteland 2 and 3 are also one of the rare Kickstarter success stories, reaching $3 million in funding each. Wasteland 2 was universally praised by backers, delivering an experience faithful to fans of the classics. With Wasteland 3, inXile Entertainment is once again hoping to strike gold. From the looks of the trailer, I’d say they’re on the right course.

Taking place 100 years after the nuclear apocalypse, Wasteland 3 takes place in Colorado. While most post-apocalypse games take place in sunbaked desert hellscapes, Wasteland 3 takes place in a snowy winter hellscape. You take control of a group of rangers as they fight the power and try to free all the goodly people from the rule of a deranged tyrant and his three children. Or maybe you don’t save them. Maybe you eat them. I don’t judge.

If it’s anything like Wasteland 2, then strap yourself in for an 80+ hour ride. If you haven’t played Wasteland 2, don’t worry. Developers inXile Entertainment have stated you won’t need to play the previous game (or the 1998 original Wasteland) to understand what’s going on. Still, I highly suggest you do. It’s only 30 bucks on Steam, and is an example of how classic gameplay can be implemented in modern games. Or you can go even further back and play the original for only 6 bucks. Live your best life.

Wasteland 3 is coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC May 19th for $59.99.



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