Another one today from our friends over at Pearl Abyss. If you missed my previous article about Plan 8, go read it now. It looks baller. Apparently there’s something going on right now called Pearl Abyss Connect 2019. They’ve announced four new titles, one of which was the aforementioned Plan 8. Man, Plan 8 looks so cool. Maybe I should just talk about Plan 8 some more.

No! Ted! Focus! Crimson Desert also looks dope! Of all the games they announced, Crimson Desert is the game we got the most info about. (For the record, the other two games were a multiplayer arena fighter called Shadow Arena and a Pokemon-like thing called DokeV. They will not be getting their own articles.) Crimson Desert is surprisingly not a sequel to Black Desert. But it did start that way… From the Official Press Release:

Crimson Desert is set in a fantasy world on the continent of Pywel. It has been produced since 2018 by Jason Jung, former game Design Director of RYL Online, one of South Korea’s first-generation action MMORPGs. Daeil Kim, the founder of Pearl Abyss, acts as the Lead Producer and Eter Lee, former Lead Combat Designer of RYL Online, is in charge of the action combat system for the title. Crimson Desert is currently aiming for a beta test for PC & console in 2020.

While the name “Crimson Desert” was originally a region within Black DesertCrimson Desert is in fact not a sequel, but a whole new IP. The title started as the prequel to Black Desert, but during development Pearl Abyss began to create an entirely different storyline and a whole new set of characters.

Crimson Desert does not focus on a group of glorious heroes attempting to rule the continent of Pywel, but instead centers on a host of mercenaries fighting for their lives to survive. As the main character within the first trailer for Crimson Desert, Macduff is the leader of a mercenary group with a tragic past. Distressed over his responsibilities, he must survive in the deadly lands of Pywel. Crimson Desert features both online multiplayer and single-player content.

How exactly this blend of single-player and multiplayer content will work in an MMO has yet to be seen. Hopefully, I’ll get to see it in action when the beta goes live on 2020. I just hope all that awesome monster stuff wasn’t just pretty cutscenes, and that gruesome murder is a core mechanic.



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