Crime and Creatures Galore in ‘Bunker Heights’ [New Blood News]

Bunker Heights

Seems like every other year or so, C.H.U.D. crawls out of whatever sewer it’s hunkering down in and claws its way back into my skull meat in some form or another. Not the movie itself, usually, but content bred from those Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers, products of whatever glowing goo they splattered across the creative landscape in the 80s. The film made a relatively sizable impact within the horror community, fondly remembered as a cult-classic creature feature — which may be a bit undeserved since there’s barely a creature in it. 

While my appreciation for the subterranean mutant menaces has grown with every subsequent re-watch, I’ve come to realize that I’m more fond of the idea than the film itself. Flesh-eating beasties created by homegrown toxic waste living in the sewers, coming out of manholes and storm drains every night in search of hefty helping of man-steak? Sign me up! It’s a fun premise for a monster movie whose potential, unfortunately, wasn’t fully utilized in its initial outing. I suspect that’s why creators keep finding inspiration from this film, they want to give the idea the fair shot it deserves.

For example, take the EXTREMELY indie found-footage flick Dwellers, directed by the incredibly talented Drew Fortier. Funded by a budget ranging somewhere between jack and shit, the homage to C.H.U.D. was made in just short of four days, making the overall production quality that much more impressive. Honestly, it manages to be a better pseudo-sequel to C.H.U.D. than the actual sequel, and is something I’d love to see a follow-up to someday.

Well, I’m in luck, because Fortier is doing just that with a spiritual successor not only to Dwellers, but C.H.U.D. as well. Welcome to Bunker Heights!

Bunker Heights

(Directed by Drew Fortier; Starring Drew Fortier, Hannah Fierman, Chaney Morrow; 2024)

“Citizens of a troubled city must navigate through an unforeseen crisis that threatens every walk of life.”

The film was written and directed by Fortier under the production of Hannah Fierman, star of the best segment of V/H/S fame, as well as Siren and Dark Circles. The special effects were helmed by Deryk Wehrley (Late Checkout, Crust), with the cinematography being handled by Gordan Cameron (Her Name Was Christa). With a budget of $30k, the production was filmed in secret, making its reveal that much more unexpected.

Fierman said of the film:

“It’s the most fun I’ve had on set. It was really a dream team as far as cast and crew. The script is reminiscent of classics as well as having its own very distinct voice.”

Fortier added:

“I only ever find purpose to do anything creative when things are organic and align properly… I have never been a part of something that has aligned more properly than Bunker Heights. The cast and crew… are incredible and I am very proud of the fact that we created this film together from the ground up in secret. The film itself is very ambitious in scope and filled with so many memorable characters and incredible performances that’ll no doubt stick with people for a long time… it’s pure unconditioned entertainment. We have such a great ensemble cast in the film that truly shines… everybody is a star.”

Bunker Heights is currently in post-production with no set release date as of yet. You can help support the film by checking out the merch at the official website, which offers exclusive t-shirts and signed posters!

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