Guest Blog: Predictions for the Dexter Season 8 Finale: How Will it End?

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dexter808ss - Guest Blog: Predictions for the Dexter Season 8 Finale: How Will it End?With Time Warner still on the outs with CBS, there’s never been a worse time to be a fan of “Dexter.” The other cable companies and DirectTV look more enticing every day. In any event, the Dark Passenger’s ride is coming to an end so let’s speculate a bit!

From Guest Blogger Kevin T. Fischer:

We’ve spent eight crazy seasons cheering on a serial killer, and now we’re in for the stressful, heartbreaking, wild, nerve-wracking final episodes. Executive producer Sara Colleton has already said, “There will be people who hate it,” so who knows how the final episode will go down.

Here are several predictions for ways Showtime’s “Dexter” could come to a close on September 22. Feel free to add your own predictions in the comments section below.

Dexter could get caught
We’ve seen Dexter nearly get caught a million times, and we’ve already seen Dexter walked through Miami Metro in handcuffs. But maybe in the end Dexter really does get caught. There are two outcomes if this happens.

Dexter could go to jail
If Dexter were to go to court for his crimes, he’d likely be put in jail for a very long time. With everything he’s done – all his kills, breaking into tons of houses, hacking databases, contaminating and stealing evidence – there would be no way Dexter could get out of this one.

Dexter could go to jail and escape
But… there is the possibility that Dexter could feel the police getting close and take off. Maybe with Harrison? Maybe with Deb… or even with Hannah McKay? Or maybe he’ll escape alone and live out his life on the run, though that doesn’t seem very Dexter-like.

Dexter could die
Series star Michael C. Hall has said that he wants Dexter to die in the end in a funny way. He even said that maybe Dexter could get hit by a bus. Hopefully, for the fans, something a bit more exciting and fitting will happen, if this is how everything ends.

Something could happen to Deb to send Dexter off the deep end
If something were to happen to Deb, Dexter would be a complete mess. Last season Dexter handed over incriminating evidence that landed Hannah in jail – and that was just for poisoning Deb. What would he do if something worse happened to her? He’d likely fall apart and become a mess, either leading to him getting caught or leading to his ultimate demise.

Dexter could sacrifice himself to save Deb
Or maybe even Harrison? We know these two are the only people Dexter truly cares about. In the end, this is the most likely outcome. Deb’s downward spiral in Season 8 has put her in danger already, and we’ve seen Dex put his neck out there to save her many times. Despite everything that has happened over the years and earlier this season, if Deb’s life were to be threatened, Dexter would likely put himself in danger to save her.

Dexter becoming a sort of martyr for Deb is the most fitting possible end to the series. It shows that he really does have a heart and some compassion in spite of all of the bad things we’ve seen him do.

Fans of the show still have a few more intense episodes left before we must say goodbye to Dexter Morgan. Watch the new episodes Sunday nights, or set your DVR to watch the end unfold again and again. There is no way we’re going to miss how this drama ends!

dexterseason8 - Guest Blog: Predictions for the Dexter Season 8 Finale: How Will it End?

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