Found Footage Captures a Spirit in the Woods

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spirit in the woods s - Found Footage Captures a Spirit in the WoodsOn the off chance that you still haven’t had your fill of found footage horror films, and you can still manage to suspend disbelief enough to refrain from rolling your eyes when a movie tries to convince you you’re watching real footage, then get ready for your latest dose of found fear with Spirit in the Woods!

Directed by Anthony Daniel, the film stars Adrian Denzel, Ashley Fast, Heidi Lewandowski, Kinsley Funari, Ricky Valentino, and Taylor Patterson.

On June 18th, 2013, Dream Comet Studios bought a couple of used filming equipment from a local auction. The documentary footage found later on some of the cameras was truly horrifying, and very disturbing. After researching more about the event, Dream Comet Studios found much more material and edited all of the footage together to show you the truth of what really happened to the five missing college students that disappeared in the area of Spiritual Woods in May 2013.

spirit in the woods - Found Footage Captures a Spirit in the Woods

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