‘Loop Track’ Exclusive Clip: Is This All A Trap?

Loop Track

Nature is an incredible reprieve for many of us, especially when the world seems to always been moving too fast. But in writer and director Thomas Sainsbury‘s latest film Loop Track, one man’s desperate attempt to quite literally take a hike devolves into one hell of a horror story.

Read the full synopsis:

Ian, a man on the verge of a nervous breakdown, disappears from the world and takes a hike in the New Zealand wilderness. His efforts to avoid other hikers are futile and he is drawn into their worlds, but he can never shake the feeling that they are being stalked by someone, or something, sinister. As Ian’s paranoia grows, the other hikers become wary of him. He’s cagey about his past, he never sleeps, and his anxiety leads him to make concerning claims. Far from society, Ian starts to question his own sanity before plunging into a bloody battle for survival.

Watch our exclusive clip below!

Sainsbury didn’t just direct and write the film. He also stars in it alongside Hayden J. Weal and Tawanda Manyimo.

Loop Track is out now on digital and VOD.

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