‘Reflect’ Trailer Takes You On The Spiritual Retreat From Hell [Exclusive]


Who among us hasn’t turned to strange spiritual retreats in the desert when things in life aren’t quite going our way? Such is the case in director Dana Kippel’s feature film debut Reflect, coming soon from Cranked Up Films. And we have an exclusive look at the trailer, which teases a psychedelic journey into something a bit darker than chakras and third eyes.

Read the full synopsis below:

Unhappy with her current relationship, Summer sets out on a road trip to Sedona, AZ, accompanied by her four gal pals to a spiritual obstacle course. Upon arriving, they are greeted by their uncanny host, Hermes who leads them into the vast desertscape which becomes the foreground for the interdimensional game show they unknowingly are participating in.

Transported, they begin a colorful, surrealistic journey of the soul, diving into issues surrounding trauma, mental health, and female relationships. The girls start to go missing one by one as we discover mysterious hooded figures are following them. As the tension rises, who will figure out how to escape this and become the last one standing, ultimately winning The Game of Life?

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In her director’s statement, Dana Kippel said of Reflect,

I write to represent a female perspective. I’m influenced by my own life, nature, various Metaphysical and Philosophical texts, the Heroine’s Journey, Mythology, and Futuristic subject matter. I love creating all genres of film infused with a metaphysical twist. I crave open endings that implore the audience to think. I aim to inspire all people to embrace their unique perspectives by discovering their inner power and developing true connection to self, others, and the world around us.

Kippel stars in the film alongside Marissa Patterson, Ariana Brown, Grace Patterson, and Jadelyn Breier.

Reflect comes to VOD on 1/9 and AVOD on 1/23 from Cranked Up Films.



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