‘The Sacrifice Game’ Trailer: Let The Ritual Begin

The Sacrifice Game

If you’re asking Santa for a 1970s exploitation horror homage set at Christmas complete with a crazed cult and iconic female friendships, then you’re about to get your wish with Jenn Wexler’s new film The Sacrifice Game. Directed and co-written by Wexler, who wrote it with her partner Sean Redlitz, The Sacrifice Game is, as Mary Beth McAndrews wrote in her review from Fantastic Fest, a new holiday horror classic.

Read the full synopsis below:

The Blackvale School for Girls, 1971. It’s bad enough that students Samantha (Madison Baines) and Clara (Georgia Acken) can’t go home for the holidays, but things take a deadly turn when a gang of cult killers arrives at their doorstep—just in time for Christmas. 

Watch the new trailer now:

Mena Massoud of Aladdin fame goes full camp with his performance, as you can undoubtedly see in the trailer. But even better than Massoud is the examination of female friendships in the name of evil. Wexler is sliding one hell of a gift under the tree this year with her take on Christmas horror.

Massoud stars in The Sacrifice Game with Olivia Scott Welch, Gus Kenworthy, Madison Baines, Derek Johns, Laurent Pitre, and Chloë Levine, as well as newcomer Georgia Acken.

The Sacrifice Game comes exclusively to Shudder on December 8, 2023.

TheSacrificeGame 960x1440 - 'The Sacrifice Game' Trailer: Let The Ritual Begin


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