Check out the Opening Sequence to the Black Devil Doll’s There Goes Da Neighba’hood

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Massive There Goes Da Neighba'hood UpdateThe cats behind the Black Devil Doll TV show, “There Goes Da Neighba’hood,” just released the project’s opening sequence along with a quick message regarding getting this slice of sick made! Read on for details.

Alright everyone, this is it – our final update! We are now officially in the final stretch of the campaign (it ends this Saturday!!!) and we need your support more than ever before. So for our final update, we wanted to really bring out the big guns and actually reveal the opening sequence for the series, along with the theme song. And holy crap did Mars Homeworld do an amazing job on that theme song! And a huge thanks to Kimberly Liebly Prince for delivering a flawless vocal performance. Needless to say, we are all super stoked how it all turned out, and we really feel it captures the ridiculously funny and insane vibe of There Goes Da Neighba’hood.

This is going to be a 6 episode direct-to-DVD/VOD sitcom series unlike ANYTHING that has EVER been seen before. We are going to bring the huge laughs and that signature Black Devil Doll raunch to another whole level. Bank on it. And as you can see, we’re already hip-deep in getting this beast produced, but WE NEED YOUR HELP. Obviously, money pledges are the number one thing right now that we need. And don’t make the mistake of thinking a small pledge won’t make a difference, because it will. Every single dollar counts! And SHARE SHARE SHARE! Even if this campaign is a bit edgy for some of your friends and stuffy co-workers, email the link or message it directly to people that you think might want to hear about it and get involved. Every single person, every single dollar, counts in the end.

And please take the time to thoroughly read through the campaign, see the incredible perks we’re offering in return of your support; read and view all the Updates, and really recognize the incredible talent we’ve pulled together and all the blood, sweat, and tears we’ve poured into this project.

As of today (Monday) we are a loooong way from reaching our intended goal, friends. That is just a cold, hard fact. But we know in our twisted hearts that we have a shit-ton of amazing and loyal fans out there that we know we can count on to help make this project a reality. Our Mission Statement from Day One: Deliver to you the most hysterical, shocking, ground-breaking exploitation/comedy/horror series known to man. It’s that simple.

And a HUGE THANKS to everyone that has joined the team and helped spread the word already. We fucking LOVE you guys, and we are going to make you proud to be a part of this.

Now let’s pull together and make some muthafuckin’ history!

If you want to be a part of this epic endeavor, then click here and follow the show’s progress over on the official “There Goes Da Neighborhood” Facebook page!

Black Devil Doll There Goes Da Neighba'hood

Black Devil Doll There Goes Da Neighba'hood

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