‘Visible Secret’ Exclusive Trailer: A Sexy and Scary Horror Comedy Coming To Radiance Films

Radiance Films, a recently formed British boutique label, is bringing director Ann Hui’s Visible Secret (2001) to Blu-ray for the first time ever on October 24, 2023, and Dread Central is proud to premiere the trailer. Fans of Asian horror won’t want to miss this horror-comedy from acclaimed director Hui, who won the Hong Kong Film Critic Society Award for this tale of a woman with the ability to see ghosts and how that affects her new relationship with a man whose past continues to haunt him.

Read the full synopsis below:

Spirits lurk everywhere in Ann Hui’s horror-comedy, Visible Secret. Instantly infatuated by enigmatic amnesiac June (Shu Qi, Millennium Mambo) who has the ability to see spirits, Peter is swept into a world where he has one foot in the past, and one in the present, and somehow has to figure out which is which. Beautifully shot by legendary cinematographer Arthur Wong (The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, Iron Monkey), Visible Secret is a slick and sexy horror-comedy that reflects the region’s contemporary millennium-era moment in its vivid depiction of young people stranded in history, trying to get a handle on both the world around them and each other as they navigate life, love, identity, and family.

Watch the Blu-ray trailer:

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