Possession Spreads Like a Virus In New ‘When Evil Lurks’ Trailer [Watch]

When Evil Lurks

Argentine director Demián Rugna is on a roll this year. Coming off his 2017 piece of terror Terrified, in 2023 he’s already brought us a chilling segment of Satanic Hispanics, and now, his new feature, When Evil Lurks, a wild take on the possession film. And based on the new trailer, it looks like Rugna is going to be terrifying audiences yet again.

Read the full synopsis:

The residents of a small rural town discover that a demon is about to be born among them. They desperately try to escape before the evil is born, but it may be too late.

Watch the new trailer:

Ezequiel Rodríguez, Demián Salomón, Silvina Sabater, Virginia Garofalo, Paula Rubinsztein, and Luis Dziembrowski star in the film.

When Evil Lurks comes to select theaters on October 6, 2023 and will be available to stream exclusively on Shudder on October 27, 2023.

WhenEvilLurks 1 - Possession Spreads Like a Virus In New 'When Evil Lurks' Trailer [Watch]


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