‘The Haunting Lodge’ Exclusive Trailer: New Paranormal Documentary Will Get Under Your Skin

The Haunting Lodge

If you’re craving the latest paranormal documentaries, look no further than the upcoming film The Haunting Lodge by Vera Whelpton and Kendall Whelpton. The couple, who previously helmed projects such as The House in Between – 1 & 2 and The Sleepless Unrest, are now investigating a hunting lodge in Georgia.

Read the full synopsis below:

In this unscripted investigative documentary, American filmmakers Kendall and Vera are asked to film a remote hunting lodge in Georgia that has been experiencing paranormal activity for over a decade. Dan, the desperate lodge owner, is searching for answers, as the hauntings are scaring hunters away and could ruin his business.

Kendall and Vera move into the lodge to begin their investigation. Vera is the first to experience the hunter’s claims, but soon they both experience terrifying events, including being touched while they sleep. They call upon psychic medium Jill Morris to help them solve the case, and she reveals that the haunting is the work of an intelligent entity. The lodge’s dark secrets are revealed as the paranormal activity escalates at the never-before-investigated location, and the couple find themselves in over their heads when they finally capture evidence of something otherworldly.

Watch the trailer exclusively on Dread Central:

The Haunting Lodge comes to VOD on October 17, 2023.


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