‘8 Found Dead’ Exclusive Clip: The World’s Most Awkward Fireside Chat [Watch]

8 Found Dead

Who among us hasn’t had at least one awkward AirBnB experience? Between weird miscommunications and creepy hosts, AirBnB can very quickly become your worst nightmare. Director Travis Greene and writer/producer Jonathan Buchanan tap into that nightmare with their new film 8 Found Dead.

Read the full synopsis:

Two couples head to a secluded desert hideaway for a weekend of relaxation and, unbeknownst to their friends, uneasy revelations. When they arrive, each couple is met by the same eccentric couple, claiming to have booked the rental on the same day at the same time. As two local police officers are drawn into the evening’s strange and unpredictable events, depravity and derangement begin to consume everyone at the house. What begins as miscommunication soon descends into mayhem and bloody murder.

Watch our exclusive clip from the film. Warning: If you struggle with secondhand embarrassment, brace yourself.

Aly Trasher (What’s My Name Again?), Alisha Soper (American Horror Story), William Gabriel Grier (The Stalking Fields), Eddy Acosta (5 Years Gone), Rosanne Limeres (1000 Ways to Die), Tim Simek (Viral), and Nancy Linehan Charles (Minority Report) star in the film.

8 Found Dead is out now in select theaters and on VOD.



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