The #1 Movie On Hulu Is A New Tornado-Chasing Thriller

The only thing better than a nice cold thriller in the summer is one that doubles as a disaster movie. This is probably why Supercell is currently in the  #1 spot on the Hulu charts. Let’s break down the science behind this new chart-breaker, shall we? 

Rotten Tomatoes Synopsis

“Baseball-size hail, violent winds, and churning tornadoes make supercells deadly, and when William Brody was a boy, his father — a legendary storm-chaser — was killed by one. Now, the family business belongs to Zane Rogers (Alec Baldwin), a reckless tour operator who sees dollar signs where others see storm clouds. When his destiny arrives in the form of one of the most powerful storms on record, William leaves his mom (Anne Heche) and home behind to team up with his father’s ex-partner, Roy Cameron (Skeet Ulrich), barely surviving a tornado yet determined to chase one of nature’s most terrifying creations: the bear’s cage.”

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Supercell was directed by Herbert James Winterstern. It was written by Herbert James Winterstern and Anna Elizabeth James. The movie stars Skeet Ulrich, Daniel Diemer, Jordan Kristine Seamón, Anjul Nigam, and the late Anne Heche.

Most of Twitter is having a good time with this disaster movie streaming on Hulu. Many fans are praising Anne Heche’s performance in what will be one of her final roles. 

See what Twitter is saying

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Supercell premiered in theaters and video on demand on March 17. Its arrival on Hulu has helped it find a larger audience. Watch the trailer below to see if this is the perfect storm for you. 

Have you been swept up in Supercell on Hulu? Let me know how the weather is over there at @misssharai.



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