This Twisted George Clooney-Directed Political Thriller Is Now Streaming On Hulu

THE IDES OF MARCH, from left: Ryan Gosling, George Clooney (on poster), 2011. ph: Saeed Adyani/©Sony Pictures Entertainment/Courtesy Everett Collection

We just discovered a 2011 star-studded political drama that is at last available on Hulu! The film’s cast is impressive, and it even served as a vehicle for George Clooney to wear multiple hats (including director). The Ides Of March might be the thriller to watch this week.

Rotten Tomatoes Synopsis

“As Ohio’s Democratic primary nears, charming Gov. Mike Morris (George Clooney) seems a shoo-in for the nomination over his opponent, Sen. Pullman (Michael Mantell). Morris’ idealistic press secretary, Stephen Meyers (Ryan Gosling), believes in his candidate’s integrity and the democratic process. But Meyers’ meeting with Pullman’s campaign manager (Paul Giamatti) and a dalliance with a young intern (Evan Rachel Wood) set in motion events that threaten Morris’ election chances.”

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The Ides Of March was written and directed by George Clooney It was co-written by Clooney, Grant Heslov, and Beau Willimon. and is an adaptation of Beau Willimon’s play Farragut North. The film stars Paul Giamatti, George Clooney, Evan Rachel Wood, Ryan Gosling, Marisa Tomei, and the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

I think August is the perfect time to watch The Ides Of March. Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s birthday was last week, so I’m all for revisiting his resume. It’s also a way for those who aren’t dying to see Barbie can ensure we get a little extra of Ryan Gosling’s Kenergy this summer. Plus, it’s a political thriller, and those are always a moment.

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Don’t just take my word for it, though. Check out the trailer below and see if this movie belongs on your summer thriller hitlist. 

Have you watched The Ides Of March on Hulu? Then tell me what you thought of this George Clooney-led thriller at @misssharai.



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