The Five Scariest Overnight Shifts In Horror [Video]

In honor of the terrifying new film Malum hitting digital, we’re dredging up five of the scariest overnight shifts in horror.

Night shifts. If you’ve ever worked one, you know that they can tap into the deep-seated anxieties associated with being alone, maybe even in the dark, often in unfamiliar and isolated environments. The solitude, eerie silence, and knowledge that the world outside is asleep, creates a palpable sense of isolation and vulnerability.

Nighttime amplifies the unknown, obscuring visibility and distorting familiar surroundings. The psychological toll of working unconventional hours and the exhaustion from a distorted circadian rhythm, blurs the boundaries between reality and imagination.

As a viewer, movies set during a night shift strike a primal chord within us, make for an unnerving and deeply unsettling experience.

Without further introduction, here are the five scariest overnight shifts in horror movie history:

Malum is out now to rent on all digital platforms.


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