‘Chemical Imbalance’: Stoners Meet Body Horror In Upcoming Slasher [Giallo Julian’s Indie Spotlight]

Chemical Imbalance

For many of us, the term “chemical imbalance” hits close to home. It does for me, anyway, being something I’ve had to deal with for the better part of my life. “Too much or too little of any substance that helps the body work the way it should,” the internet defines it. The symptoms range from restlessness to mood swings, literally changing how your mind works depending on how severe it is. It gets rough… but… what if… what if the chemical changes didn’t just hit you inside your skull, but outside it? And everywhere else? What if they changed your mind AND your body, turning you into a slathering bloodthirsty monster? Purely hypothetical, I’m sure this doesn’t happen to anyone, and especially not to me. 

Director Daniel Brousseau explores that very idea with his upcoming feature, Chemical Imbalance!

Read the full synopsis below:

“Adam, a carefree stoner with a passion for horror, is talked into going camping by his friend Ben. Ben has the perfect girl for Adam to meet and thinks camping is the best way to go about the introduction. Lila, a carefree girl who loves her cats, is talked into going camping by her friend Tara with the promise of meeting ‘the right guy’. Once arriving at the perfect camping stop, the alcohol starts to flow and the weed starts to smoke, and all is well with the group of four until an unforeseen accident occurs, causing a mutation in one of our characters. Soon the peacefulness is turned into chaos and all hell breaks loose.”

Y’all know how I feel about monster movies, so it’s no surprise that my interest was piqued. 

Brousseau said of himself:

“I’m the guy behind the camera on all Nickel City Slashers productions. I’ve directed six short films in the past, a few making it into film festivals. I always wanted to attend film school but never ended up doing that. Instead, I just bought countless horror films, watched them with and without commentary tracks, and got my film knowledge that way. Roughly 1,500 horror movies and an ever-growing collection, my horror education is non-stop and I’m always gaining new ideas through my version of film school. For this film, Chemical Imbalance, I’ve taken inspiration from some of my favorite over-the-top movies. Films such as Return of the Living Dead, Dead Alive and though not over the top, Friday the 13th has some inspiration here as well.”

Passionate fans working hard to achieve their dream is something I’ll always have huge respect for. Just because someone doesn’t go to film school doesn’t mean they’re not educated in the art—the best kind of learning is often hands-on.

The film is being distributed by Nickel City Slashers, Brousseau’s own studio. The cast is currently made up of Jacob Stickles, Steve Kasan, and JC Hardy, with the rest being announced in the near future. The soundtrack will consist of songs from the bands Restored and Beyond Within.

Chemical Imbalance has an Indiegogo running to help out with production costs, which you can support right here.

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