‘Return To Silent Hill’: Exciting New Details Emerge About Sequel

We have all been on pins and needles waiting for information on Christophe Gans’ Return To Silent Hill. We figured the breadcrumbs we got last month would have to tide us over for a while. 

However, one internet sleuth did some digging, and some translating, to get us a couple of juicy items worth noting. While details about Return To Silent Hill are still mostly under wraps, Rely On Horror found some interesting intel.

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Silent Hill 2
Silent Hill 2 (remake). Photo Courtesy of Konami.

Film Synopsis

Driven by the shadows of his past, James Sunderland returns to Silent Hill to find his lost love, Mary Crane. But the dark, depressing small town is no longer the place from his memories. He meets characters who seem all too familiar and who try to divert him from his search for Mary. The longer he searches for Mary, the more he begins to wonder if this is still reality – or if he has fallen into the dark underworld of Jacob Crane.

We noted Mary’s last name in the movie is Crane. That guarantees her some connection to this Jacob Crane character mentioned in the synopsis.

The site also found a few names of people working on the film. Benoît Debie (Enter The Void) is listed as the cinematographer. Felicity Abbott (Upgrade) is serving as the production designer. Also, frequent Gans collaborator Sébastian Prangère (who worked on the original 2006 Silent Hill) will edit the movie.

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They also clocked Jeremy Irvine (War Horse) listed as “star.” Which we assume means that is our James Sunderland. 

This is a lot of Return To Silent Hill news considering all we knew for sure is shooting would start “soon.” Let us run to our nearest foggy purgatory and rejoice! 

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