Will It Be Aslan or Cthulhu? Multi-Verses Being Confirmed!

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Will It Be Aslan or Cthulhu? Multi-Verses Being Confirmed!At The Seen and The Unseen, we’re fascinated by the idea of other universes and other worlds. Many paranormal theories and explanations consider the possibility of other worlds as an assumption. It seems as if science is starting to catch up with the storytellers and ghost hunters.

Last week the Daily Mail (cool color pictures included!) reported that scientists announced their first “hard evidence” of other universes. The evidence is based on some startling findings from the Planck spacecraft.

The scientists mapped out the cosmic radiation in the universe. As they did, they found “cold spots” in the radiation, which many theoretical physicists believe would be there if other universes existed. The reason? The gravitational pull of these other worlds would pull away heat from our own universe.

Those cold spots have been found in the cosmic radiation map from the current study.

Dr. Mersini-Houghton, theoretical physicist at University of North Carolina, states, “These anomalies were caused by other universes pulling on our universe as it formed during the Big Bang. They are the first hard evidence for the existence of other universes that we have seen.

So the question really is… will Aslan emerge from these universes? Or will the “Old Ones” led by Cthulhu and his tentacled madness come to makes us his cosmic slaves?

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