‘The Wraith Within’ Exclusive Trailer: It’s The High School Reunion From Hell

The Wraith Within

I don’t know about you, but high school reunions are their own form of hell. Making small talk with people you haven’t seen since you were an angsty teenager? No thank you. But, for some, like the cast in the new film The Wraith Within by Aaron Strey, see it as an opportunity to reconnect with old friends. Unluckily for them, something much worse than small talk awaits them.

Read the full synopsis below:

When a group of friends returns to their hometown for a high school reunion, a tragic curse of the town’s history emerges to terrorize them after horrifying revelations put all of their lives in peril for a shocking night they may not all survive.

Watch the trailer exclusively on Dread Central:

Michael Madsen stars in the film alongside Allison Hawkstone, Shane Christopher, Brian Hodges Ally Kathryn, Michael Madsen, Zara Majidpour, Gabe Aronson, Shea Herring, Jonathan Joss, Chris Hahn, Trey Davis, Arvind Vashisht, Joy Leigh, Jaxsen Luke Dill, and Alex Szabo.

The Wraith Within comes to VOD on February 21, 2023.



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