‘Woman Of The Photographs’ Director and Stars Talk Their Stunning New Body Horror [Watch]

Woman of the Photographs

Director Takeshi Kushida’s feature film debut Woman of the Photographs is a haunting tale of self-image and obsession. Told with a keen eye for light and reflections, plus the unnerving visual motif of the praying mantis, Kushida creates a chilling tale of horrific romance. So naturally, we were excited to pick Kushida’s brain about his new film.

In Woman of the Photographs:

A solitary and skilled digital photographer begins a twisted romance with a model suffering from body dysmorphia and obsessed with appearing perfect in her photos.

Dread Central sat down with Kushida and stars Hideaki Nagi and Istuki Otaki to talk about body dysmorphia, acting with no dialogue, praying mantises, and more.

Watch the full interview:

Woman of the Photographs is out now on digital and VOD.



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