Claustrophobic ‘Tin Can’ Exclusive Clip Searches For Answers To a Terrifying Mystery

Tin Can

In Dread’s latest film Tin Can, a parasitologist on the brink of finding a cure for a pandemic that’s ravaged the planet wakes up trapped in a metal chamber. In an exclusive clip we scored from the film, we see the the doctor trying to piece together what happened, where she is, and how she can escape.

The sci-fi chiller directed by Seth A. Smith is eerily prescient to our current world as COVID-19 continues to affect our day-to-day lives.

Watch the chilling clip below:

Anna Hopkins, Simon Mutabazi, Michael Ironside, Tim Dunn, Kristin Langille, Amy Trefry, Chik White, and Woodrow Graves star in Tin Can.

Tin Can comes to digital and VOD on August 9 and Blu-Ray on September 6.



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