Kevin Bacon is Terrified of this Ultra Violent Japanese Shocker

Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon is no stranger to horror. He faced off (and lost) to Jason Voorhees in the original Friday the 13th film. Subterranean worms terrorized him in Tremors. He struggled with parenthood and a terrifying haunting in Stir of Echoes. Bacon has seen it all. But, despite fighting monsters of all kinds in his films, there’s one movie that truly gets under his skin: Takashi Miike’s Audition.

In a recent interview with Dread Central, Bacon revealed that Miike’s 1999 disturbing horror classic is the scariest movie he’s ever seen. And we couldn’t agree more.

Audition starts off as a seemingly quiet romantic dramedy. Aoyama (Ryo Ishibashi) is a widower who’s told by friends and his son alike that he needs to start dating again. So, instead of trying to meet women in the traditional ways, he and his film producer friend hold auditions for his new girlfriend under the guise that they’re auditioning for a film. Here, Aoyama falls for the quiet and mysterious Asami (Miyuki Matsuda).

But he quickly realizes that there’s much more to Asami than he first believed. Her dark and violent past is slowly revealed until it all explodes in the gut-wrenching climax. There’s piano wire, dismemberment, and more. It’s the type of finale only a master of gore like Miike can deliver. Audition is a film not soon to leave your mind after you’ve seen it. Kevin Bacon can attest to that.

Matsuda’s performance is exceptional as she portrays the quiet, yet rage-filled, Asami. The actor is known for her method acting techniques, so a lot of the vomit you see in Audition is, well, her vomit. Knowing that adds yet another twisted layer to this delightfully gross J-horror standout.

Watch the full interview with Bacon below:

Kevin Bacon stars in the upcoming camp slasher They/Them as Owen Whistler, the owner of a gay conversion camp. As a new group of campers arrives, someone begins terrorizing campers and conservative counselors alike.

They/Them comes to Peacock on August 5, 2022.



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