Kevin Smith on ‘Killroy Was Here’ and the Possible Horror Subplot of ‘Clerks III’ [Watch]

The new NFT anthology horror film puts Smith firmly back into the genre world.

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith has gone from being the wordsmith wunderkind of the ’90s indie film scene to a self-made king of his own media world. He’s become a mini mogul by being the brand ambassador of his own View Askewniverse populated by the characters he’s created. Smith almost seems like a caricature of himself at times. He’s a one-man marketing machine and, now, he’s out promoting his upcoming NFT horror anthology Killroy Was Here.

In World War II, tank inspectors would mark or tag the vehicles they had cleared for battle using a cartoon of a cute, long-nosed face called Killroy. It became an uplifting symbol of the war effort. Kevin Smith has created a slasher film based on the look of Killroy designed by famed FX legend Robert Kurtzman. Previously, the two worked together on Tusk and Yoga Hosers.

Smith has contributed a lot to Killroy Was Here. But it’s truly a collaborative effort with the hopes that the Killroy character can continue to kill in other sequels. In a unique move, Killroy Was Here will be the first NFT film. It’ll be available exclusively to 5,500 buyers of the token. The NFTs will include the movie, exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, a commentary track (of course), and exclusive art.

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In our video interview below, Smith talks about the decision to roll out his horror-comedy anthology in a brand new way, how Quentin Tarantino’s own experience with the Pulp Fiction NFT created the opportunity for Killroy, and how a beloved character from Clerks II may take a frightening turn in the upcoming Quick Stop trilogy capper, Clerks III. We also look back on the career of Michael Parks who would have starred as the Quint of Smith’s Jaws homage, Moose Jaws.

Killroy Was Here is available to fans on July 12. Tickets to theatrical screenings of Clerks III are available now with Kevin Smith in person with special guests.

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