Dread Central Hits the Red Carpet Hollywood Premiere of Stitches

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Dread Central Hits the Red Carpet Hollywood Premiere of StitchesWith Conor McMahon’s killer clown horror comedy Stitches having bowed this week on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD via MPI/Dark Sky Films, we hit the premiere of the flick the other night at Cinespace on Hollywood Blvd. and brought back some ocular candy and interviews from the carpet. Read on!

Gracing the Stitches event were an assortment of hired creepy clowns, sword swallowers and stilt-walkers amidst bags of popcorn, cotton candy and an open bar along with Stitches co-writer and director Conor McMahon, Stitches actor Tommy Knight (“Doctor Who”), and V/H/S and V/H/S 2 segment writer Simon Barrett, who was on hand to moderate the Q&A session post-screening.

Also in attendance were actress Danielle Harris (who dished on Hatchet III), Sushi Girl writer Destin Pfaff with actress Rachel Federoff, V/H/S segment director Adam Wingard, actresses Bai Ling (The Crow), Frida Ferrell (Behind Your Eyes) and Jessica Cameron (Silent Night), filmmaker John Michael Elfers (Finale) and actor Rick Mora (The Dead and the Damned).

Regarding how Barrett became attached to moderate the event, he stated, “It was really just from being a fan of the film,” which revolves around a children’s cruel party prank that results in the death of the hired entertainment and the subsequent resurrection of the same (a vengeful clown portrayed by actor Ross Noble) years later.

“I saw it at Cannes, and we laughed during the entire film,” recalled Barrett of his introduction to Stitches, “which I guess you really aren’t supposed to necessarily do at a Cannes market screening, but we had a really great time, and I was really vocal about the experience on Twitter. Basically they contacted me and asked if I’d like to help out, and since it’s such a weird, cool film, I said ‘yes’. I didn’t know anyone involved in it. I was just a big fan!”

Chatting with Barrett concerning a potential third entry in the “found footage” V/H/S franchise, which he co-scripted, he stated given his and V/H/S director Adam Wingard’s other filmic commitments, “I think we will be involved in V/H/S 3, but I don’t think we’ll be able to write and direct stuff the way that we did on the first two films. I think we will be stepping back to work with Brad (Miska) on an executive producer level on the third.”

“Adam and I have a film called The Guest in the works that’s shooting shortly,” Barrett explained, “and we have a [feature] project at Warner Bros. called Death by Running, which is a spy thriller that McG is producing, and we have another scary project in the works, so we are super booked for the year, but we will definitely try to be as involved in the V/H/S franchise as we can.”

Chatting on the carpet with horror vet and fan favorite Danielle Harris, she told us, with a wink in her eye, of her experience shooting Hatchet III (which releases this coming June 14th via Dark Sky Films), “It was the most physically grueling experience I’ve ever had shooting a film!” (A statement not to be taken lightly, given the significant demands required of her in such films as Halloween 3, Halloween 4 and Rob Zombie’s Halloween redux).

Harris also chatted briefly regarding her attachment to Xavier Gens’ action/horror feature The Farm (the project is currently on hold) and also communicated her continued interest in directing, following her 2012-helmed horror feature Among Friends.

Stated enthusiasticStitches director McMahon (who previously helmed the 2009 horror feature The Disturbed and 2004’s Dead Meat), “We really had fun on set. There was a lot of blood on set, and a lot of laughs, and I tried to write the kills to be in keeping with the funny, ironic slashers of the 80’s.”

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