7 Bad Wigs That We Need To Talk About Right Now

Bad wigs can happen to good movies. I agree with everything that has been said about the wig that sat on top of Sheri Moon Zombie’s head in these new set pictures from The Munsters. However, I also know there are a ton of bad wigs terrorizing a lot of horror movies. I caught up with Dread Central’s resident wig expert (and half of Girl That’s Scary) Jazzmin Crawley to talk about some of the wigs that were scarier than the movies we saw them in.

We present to the Midnight Society: 7 Bad Wigs That We Need To Talk About Right Now.

Head Count (2018)

Zoe, played by Ashleigh Morghan 

JC: Ashleigh Morghan plays Zoe in Head Count, and the hair department did her wrong. She seems to be wearing a cheap synthetic wig with a poorly structured part. It’s very upsetting because curly wigs are generally easier to pull off because it’s easier to blend with the texture. The hair department put this wig on Zoe’s head like a hat, and they should pay for their crimes.

Death Ranch (2020)

Angela Cobbs, played by Faith Monique

JC: I know we are here to discuss wigs, but this movie has two strikes against it. We (GTS) checked this movie out from a Walmart bin, which is always a gamble. We lost. The movie was so offensive we turned it off before it was over. The wig is almost as offensive. It looks like a mass of partless hair that was dropped on Angela’s head. The film is set to take place in the ’70s. This means we could have had an opportunity for a nice afro. But instead, we got Donna Summers’ hair if it had gone to hell. It even looks matted in some shots.

Into The Dark: Pilgrim (2019)

Cody, played by Reign Edwards

JC: This wig gives the illusion of a decent wig until the lighting and angles expose how the tracks are laid. This looks more like a sew-in, but it fits the bill because it looks wiggy. What makes it worse is there’s a water scene that exposes the roots of Cody’s real hair underneath. At least it looks like they spent a little money and used human hair.

Little Monsters (2018) 

Miss Caroline, played by Lupita Nyong’o

JC: This movie was so much fun, but the wig they put on Lupita was not! Lupita is gorgeous with any hairstyle. She didn’t have to wear a wig at all, but the hair department made a choice. From far away it looks okay, but as soon as the camera zooms closer, the wig is exposed. Once this wig is wet, it looks like a wet-n-wavy mop.

Freddy Vs. Jason (2003)

Kia, played by Kelly Rowland

JC: How did you f**k up Kelly Rowland’s hair? Kelly Rowland is someone whose hair generally looks good all the time. The hair department decided to give her a cheap wig with chunky highlights. The bangs are wispy, and you can see where the tracks are from the front. It reminds me of a 2003 video game character’s hair. They tried to keep a good woman down with a bad wig, and I do not appreciate it.

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998)

Titus Telesco, played by Jack Black

SB: This hair helmet is the scariest part of the franchise. Julie James and friends were being terrorized long before the killer showed up on this island. Jack Black popped up with this wig made of yarn and negative energy in what is already a shaky movie. The wig does not even look like hair and is so dry that it looks uncomfortable to wear. Not only is Black’s wig awful, but it’s also offensive. We need to stop this trope of the white guy pothead with locs. This character is always a menace and needs to go the way of the dinosaurs. Hopefully, the wig can go with him.

BloodRayne (2005)

Kagan, played by Ben Kingsley

SB: Ben Kingsley has hair just sat on top of his head and I’m dead! Someone opened a Party Store wig, shook it once, and sat it on top of his head like a headband. This person did not want to be at work this day and took it out on Sir Kinglsey’s scalp. This is the least amount of effort put into a wig of this entire list. We should never be able to look under the hairline like this and it could have been avoided so easily.

These are just some of the offending hairpieces we caught out in the wild. We did not even get to the root of the problems like in Ginger Snaps and Only Lovers Left Alive. There are a ton more and you can catch Jazz tweeting about them from the @GirlThatsScary account. You can catch me @misssharai.



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