Cinematic Void’s “January Giallo” Invades Three Cities Next Month. Here’s the Full Lineup [Exclusive]

Giallo Cinematic Void American Cinematheque

Cinematic Void, the Los Angeles cult film series based at the American Cinematheque, is expanding its popular “January Giallo” film program in 2022. In addition to its Los Angeles location, the event will also hold screenings in Boston and Chicago, and we’ll dig into those details in a moment.

But first: Today, we’re unveiling the full line-up for the expertly programmed event exclusively on Dread Central. Here’s everything playing at January Giallo:

January Giallo 2022

Los Feliz 3 | Los Angeles, CA with American Cinematheque

Jan. 3 Creepers aka Phenomena in 35mm

Jan. 10 Perfume of the Lady in Black in 35mm

Jan. 17 Girl in Room 2A in 35mm

Jan. 24 The Corruption of Chris Miller in 35mm

Jan. 31 Something Creeping in the Dark in 35mm

Coolidge Corner Theatre | Brookline, MA with Coolidge After Midnite

Jan. 8 Blood & Black Lace

Jan. 15 Orgasmo aka Paranoia in 35mm with Cinematic Void’s Jim Branscome in person

Jan. 22 Creepers aka Phenomena in 35mm

Jan 29 The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh in 35mm

Music Box Theatre | Chicago, IL with Music Box of Horrors Presents

Jan. 5 Trauma

Jan. 12 The Case of the Scorpion’s Tail

Jan. 19 The Pyjama Girl Case

Jan. 26  Perfume of the Lady in Black in 35mm


Jan. 14 Virtual with Severin Films — Mystery Title TBA

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As per usual, screenings for next year’s event will take place weekly at American Cinematheque’s Los Feliz 3 location in Los Angeles. But in a true twist for fans of repertory horror cinema, January Giallo will also now take place weekly at Boston’s The Coolidge Corner Theatre with Coolidge After Midnite in Boston, MA, and at The Music Box Theatre with Music Box of Horrors in Chicago, IL.

And for those who aren’t in the Los Angeles, Boston, and Chicago areas, Cinematic Void will also be hosting a virtual screening as part of its monthly Cinemadness Movie series, presented by Severin Films, on January 14.

“It’s an honor to expand January Giallo with two of the most beloved and respected rep cinemas in the country,” says James Branscome, founder of Cinematic Void. “It was an absolute pleasure to work with Mark E. Anastasio from The Coolidge and re-team with former Cinematheque programmer William Morris at The Music Box to make this happen.”

“The Coolidge After Midnite is thrilled to be a partner in crime with Cinematic Void! A notorious film series that we welcome to the East Coast with bloody, black-gloved, and trenchcoated arms,” says Mark E. Anastasio, Director of Special Programming at The Coolidge.

William Morris, co-programer of the Music Box of Horrors adds, “There’s no better way to ring in the New Year than with a bottle of J&B, a ruthless black-gloved, razor-wielding maniac, a sexy soundtrack, and enough style to stop your heart. Cinematic Void and its progenitor, Jim Branscome, have been terrorizing the West Coast with January Giallo since 2017. This year the madness is spreading and we here at the Music Box of Horrors couldn’t be more excited to join in on the debauchery.”

The giallo films showcased by the event will of course carry all the hallmarks of the beloved Italian subgenre: stunning, psychedelic cinematography, mystery plots with “out of nowhere” twists, and over-the-top graphic violence.

“Between the three venues, we are able to screen a variety of what the genre has to offer,” says Branscome. “You get works from such masters as Dario Argento including the Creepers cut of Phenomena, as well signature films from Mario Bava, Sergio Martino, and Umberto Lenzi. But we’re also able to present a lot of deep cuts and rarities as well, including a beautiful technicolor Italian language print of Perfume of the Lady in Black.”

“When we started January Giallo, it was just an excuse to show some of my favorite movies from my favorite subgenre,” Branscome continues. “Now, it’s become a holiday of sorts for horror film fans. I’m so thrilled that we can celebrate January Giallo with new crowds across the country this year.”

For more information on Cinematic Void and January Giallo, visit its website.



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