Johnny Pacar Now One of The Remaining

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johnnypacarremaining - Johnny Pacar Now One of The RemainingHere at Dread Central we are supporters of all beliefs. As long as you don’t try and push your stuff off on us, hey, whatever gets you through the day… even if you believe that one day you’re just gonna magically go poof into thin air.

Deadline is reporting that Johnny Pacar (Flight 29 Down; pictured right) has joined The Remaining to play the lead Tommy in the movie. The character has a crush on his best friend’s fiancée in the feature. Donnie Darko producer Casey La Scala is directing, and Brad Luff is producing the Sony horror film. The Remaining features a Rapture-like event in which certain people are left behind to fend for themselves while the rest of the world… well… let’s just say there’s now a shortage of living and breathing people.

The flick is set to start shooting in North Carolina soon. More as it comes.

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