Halls Of Horror 2021: The Most Outlandish Party Hell Ever Hosted

Halls of Horror

It’s the grandest, most outlandish rock and roll show hell has ever thrown. Halls of Horror is a goldmine of innovation and chaotic madness that defies industry norms and leaves one questioning their sanity. Striking at one’s innermost fears, forcing one to confront a surreal cinema of the macabre Halls of Horror (Palmerton, PA) is unforgettable. 

Halls of Horror

Imagine an experience, not just a haunted attraction that places YOU in the center of a real-life horror movie; one that leaves psychological scars. Yet at the same time, it has mastered the unique achievement of blending a “classic” haunted house with “extreme” adult entertainment. Off-color, sexually suggestive, at times darkly humorous, and always filled with nonstop surprises, Halls of Horror is a twisted mind-fuck of epic proportions that has evolved in its year of slumber into as close to as an immersive horror simulation one can ever imagine. 

What To Expect from Halls Of Horror

Halls of Horror is distinct “adult-themed,” is unapologetic in its presentation, and very blunt that this place is designed to rob you of your innermost proclivities and put you at the mercy of its diabolical design. It’s unlike ANY other haunted attraction perhaps in the country. Halls of Horror is an entity that is alive, and the staff, actors, and management create a professional, first-class submersion into the deep depths of depravity without ever crossing the line of pure violence and chaos. While a base option exists, we recommend the infamous “Blood Experience.” It’s a genuine “horror simulator” within the context of a classical funhouse-walkthrough style attraction.

The “Blood Experience” at Halls of Horror has become famous amongst legions of fans that want the ultimate escape from the safe comforts of their daily lives. Those looking for a next-level challenge will be forced to submit to an experience that takes complete control of your destiny and leaves one exhausted yet begging for more.

At its core, Halls of Horror is a legitimate “old school” haunted house. It features numerous themes from evil clowns to butchers, a unique take on “Michael Myers” “Leatherface,” and even “Beetlejuice.” However, its “execution” and design are diverse to the point where nightmares become realities. “Michael Myers” is a hulking giant that will pin you against a wall; “Leatherface” will douse you with the entrails of helpless victims; you will encounter endless freaks and disturbed individuals that work tirelessly to create genuine emotions. The “Blood Experience” is designed to not only soak one in “blood, sprinkles and even shaving cream”; it is deeply emotional and psychological, combing twisted humor with moments that will make you “believe” in the simulations created.

The Performances

Each performance and theme are unique and again adult orientated. From encounters with meth-addicted sexual deviants to witnessing the “live birth” of an inbred hillbilly offspring, this is an attraction meant to disturb. It’s hands-on, and also aimed at stripping away at one’s innermost psychological core. Early in the attraction, we were forced to “confess our sins.” Then, we’re locked in a cage by “Leatherface” to be tormented only by chainsaw-yielding psychopaths. In one of perhaps the most intense, disturbing, and creatively brutal encounters, we entered the den of “Uncle Touchy.” He’s an androgynous serial killer mixed with a children’s television host that has embraced a thirst for blood.

The performance and theatrics utilized in this scene are mind-blowing. The actor’s performance makes you “believe” just for a moment that the experience is all too real. Not all encounters are so mentally and physically jarring; some meetings with the depraved characters embrace a demented sense of humor. For example, a visit with the “Doctor” allows each guest the opportunity to perform surgery on each other, and the “ice cream” man loves to assault his victims on toilet seats with “chocolate and sprinkles.” Halls of Horror is for those yearning for a next-level show, something so different that forces you to submit and feel helpless. Once again, it is the unique “characters” defined in this show that are the true “stars” of this one-of-a-kind show that continues to carve an innovative path in the immersive entertainment industry.

The Verdict?

One of the finest, most unique shows horror fans can ever visit, we highly recommend you visit the Halls of Horror. See what “next level” adult-themed haunting can be. Despite its intense and downright disturbing presentation and execution, those willing to “let go” of their reality and embrace the chaotic madness will likely leave with massive smiles and an indescribable sense of achievement.

Oddly enough, being pinned against walls, victimized by knives, chainsaws, forced into hog pens, and creepily accosted by “Beetlejuice” leaves each guest with a sense of accomplishment as well as lasting memories. Halls of Horror trains its staff to be vigilant in responding to guest responses and always maintains its core focus that this is a “haunted house.” Safety and professionalism are essential to this innovative attraction that is every bit as “extreme” and as non-PC as advertised. Blunt in its advertising and unapologetic in reality, Halls of Horror is hardcore. It is mature, obscene, and reaches into the pit of humanity to find the root of horror entertainment.

Visit: http://www.hallsofhorror.net/



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