New Trailer Offers Proof That IT Came From Yesterday

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Around these parts we’re suckers for old sci-fi and horror movies. You have to respect the genre’s roots, man, and besides, there are some true classics out there – both incredibly good and hilariously bad. Enter the new homage flick IT Came From Yesterday.

Directed by Jeff Waltrowski, this little golden nugget of indie filmmaking stars Waltrowski along with Nathan Hollabaugh, Nayli Russo, and Joel Ripka.

Check out the trailer below, and look for more on this one soon.

IT Came From Yesterday: A Professor Jack Adventure is the feature film that launches scientist/adventurer Professor Jack into unknown realms of adventure! Along with his sidekicks, Buddy and Penny Precious, Jack must unravel the mysterious plot of inter-dimensional creatures hell-bent on enslaving the human race in this serial-inspired sci-fi extravaganza! Starring Jeff Waltrowski (Project: Valkyrie), Nathan Hollabaugh (George A. Romero’s Deadtime Stories, Unstoppable), Nayli Russo, Joel Ripka, and Erica Highberg (Swarm of the Snakehead).

itcame - New Trailer Offers Proof That IT Came From Yesterday

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