Beautiful Creatures Dies Hard at the Box Office


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As Hollywood begins churning out more and more genre-centric romantic young adult flicks, desperately hoping that tweener girls experiencing Twilight withdrawal will give rise to a new cash cow franchise, a harsh reality is lost on these producers.

The tweens already have their new Twilight – it’s called The Hunger Games. Sorry, Beautiful Creatures.

The Valentine’s Day thru President’s Day weekend turned ugly for the latest young adult novel turned big screen Twilight heir apparent hopeful. It seems those looking for action went to see A Good Day to Die Hard, those looking for laughs went to see Identity Thief, those looking for romance went to see Safe Haven, those looking for monsters went to see Escape from Planet Earth, and those looking for romantic monsters with action and comedy continued to flock to Warm Bodies. That left poor Beautiful Creatures (review here) out in the cold.

Seriously, this movie opened to half as much money as Escape from Planet Earth? How does that happen?

Just $7.4 million for the four-day weekend, $10 million if you include Valentine’s Day, according to Box Office Mojo, is the best Warner Bros.’ Beautiful Creatures could muster. Contrast that poor 6th place opening with Warm Bodies, which in its third week sat one spot above the latest young adult franchise non-starter with $9 million. Now up to $50 million domestic total, safe to say Warm Bodies has a better chance of spawning a new franchise than the film that was actually designed to be the first installment in a new franchise.

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters is on its way out of the top ten at 9th place with another $3 million. Its domestic total is just shy of $50 million. I’m as shocked as you are, and I actually liked the movie.

Mama finally dropped out of the top ten but has nothing to feel bad about with over $68 million in 5 weeks. It will be shocking if we don’t get a sequel.

Next weekend brings a real dark horse in the form of the Keri Russell UFO chiller Dark Skies that looks like it should have been titled Insidious Aliens. Will it be a surprise sleeper or will occupy dead space at the box office?

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