Real-Life Serial Killer Joins Dark Minds Season 2 on Investigation Discovery

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The popularity of shows like “The Following” and “Dexter” proves how fascinated we are with serial killers, and in the new season of Investigation Discovery’s “Dark Minds,” viewers will hear from a real convicted serial killer, who formulates theories about the motives of unsolved murders.

In “Dark Minds” non-fiction crime author M. William Phelps and criminal profiler John Kelly revisit unsolved homicides believed to be the work of serial killers. Joining them in the hunt for answers this season is a new anonymous source: a convict currently serving time for a series of murders. Known to audiences only as “Raven,” this unique source offers his “expert” opinion about potential motivations behind these chilling cold cases, using his own personal experience to formulate theories.

Featuring crimes as horrific as those committed by the infamous I-70 Killer and the original Night Stalker, “Dark Minds” brings fresh eyes to unsolved serial killer cases using the combined instincts of three unique perspectives.

“The emotional toll is overwhelming,” says Phelps. “It makes my skin crawl, especially listening as Raven describes the enjoyment he got from taking a human life. But it’s ultimately worth it because victims deserve justice and the families deserve answers – and with ‘Dark Minds’ the potential is there for us to help with both.”

Watch a preview clip that introduces Raven below, and if you can handle it, check out more when the second season of “Dark Minds” premieres on Wednesday, February 27th, at 10 PM on Investigation Discovery.

Dark Minds – Raven Intro from Investigation Discovery on Vimeo.

darkminds - Real-Life Serial Killer Joins Dark Minds Season 2 on Investigation Discovery

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