Birdemic II: The Resurrection Spreads its Wings in June

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A little bird dropped by our mailbox to let us know that the sequel to Birdemic: Shock and Terror (review here), entitled Birdemic II: The Resurrection, will begin hitting theatres in June with screenings being held everywhere from Los Angeles to Paris, France. Said bird then exploded, much to our delight.

We’ll have all of the official details for you as soon as possible. Just wanted to give you guys enough of a heads-up so that you can prepare your hangers.

Birdemic: The Resurrection Spreads its Wings in June

Visionary writer/director James Nguyen said his inspiration for the film was the La Brea Tar Pits. “I went to the museum at the Tar Pits, which had an exhibit of ancient eagles and vultures,” he recalled, “and as I walked through it, I said, ‘This is Birdemic 2.’” He added, “The Tar Pits are a major hint why the birds attack LA.”

“As a rabid fan of the original and after hearing James’ pitch for the sequel, I knew this was a film that had to be made,” producer Jeff Gross said. “At the very least, I needed to see it. I felt the world of cinema would be incomplete without the continuation of the Birdemic saga.” He also stated, “We produced it entirely independently to ensure James had complete creative control through the final cut. Fans of the original should be thrilled to see where he took the story. To call the picture ‘unique’ is an understatement.”

Alan Bagh and Whitney Moore are reprising their characters along with many other familiar characters from Half Boon Bay that are set to return. While showing off his mastery of the romantic thriller, director James Nguyen will be introducing two new characters as well, and we can tell you that Nguyen has raised the stakes this time, and you are in for one hell of a crazed and very romantic experience.

For more info hightail it over to the official Birdemic II: The Resurrection Facebook page, follow Birdemic on Twitter, and of course dig on the official Birdemic II: The Resurrection website.

Bill is a struggling filmmaker; Gloria is an aspiring actress. Rod, a Silicon Valley millionaire, finances Bill’s film, a dream come true until eagles and vultures attack Hollywood, and it’s up to Rod, his girlfriend Nathalie, new friends and old to mount the resistance. Who will survive? Birdemic II, you asked for it.

Birdemic: The Resurrection Spreads its Wings in June

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