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The Walking Dead: Recap of Episode 3.09 – The Suicide King

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twd3zombie - The Walking Dead: Recap of Episode 3.09 - The Suicide KingAfter an agonizing couple of months in limbo since the midseason finale, we now get to learn the fates of our favorite survivors. This episode, entitled “The Suicide King,” was directed by Leslie Linka Glatter.

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read any further if you haven’t watched the episode yet. This is a recap with specific details from this episode. Continue only if you have already watched it.

The episode brought us back to the zombie fight-club pit with the Dixon brother, Merle and Daryl. When Andrea protested and was held back, the Governor presented to the bloodthirsty crowd a fight to the death for Merle to prove his loyalty. Merle, ever the caring big brother, took his first shot at Daryl. Restrained hungry walkers were brought out to join the fun. However, Merle only faked the fight so that he and Daryl could fend off the encroaching walkers together. All of a sudden, the cavalry led by Rick and Maggie arrived and caused chaos in the dark while the Governor seemed nonplussed. Taking advantage of the commotion, Daryl led Merle away and even managed to retrieved his crossbow along the way.

Now, that was how you return from hiatus! Merle led Rick, Maggie and Daryl outside the compound through a makeshift hole on the wall. “A little help would be nice,” yelled Merle while bludgeoning a walker on the street to a pulp. When the team joined the walker killing, Merle yelled again, “We ain’t got time for this!” Such a flake. No wonder the Governor questioned your loyalty! As the team ran off, an intrepid walker made its way through that hole in the wall. “Dinner, here I come,” he must have thought.

When Rick and the group re-joined Glenn and Michonne in the woods, Glenn and Michonne were gun and katana blazing at the sight of Merle. When Rick tried to make peace, Merle antagonized Michonne with some inappropriate behavior about Andrea and recapped the last eight episodes for the group and viewers alike at the same time. You know everyone is all caught up when Rick finally gave Merle a pistol whipping.

twd309 7x - The Walking Dead: Recap of Episode 3.09 - The Suicide King

Back at the prison, Tyreese and his people are still separated from the rest of the group. Tyreese and Sasha caught Hershel up on their situation, but Hershel suggested that the rest of his group may not be as welcoming.

Outside Woodbury, Rick, Daryl, Maggie and Glenn discussed what to do with Merle and Michonne. “No, Merle is your blood. My blood, my family is standing right here and waiting for us back at the prison,” Glenn made a good point, but Daryl would not take it. “No Merle, no me” was his ultimatum, and with just that, he was gone. Guess we’ll have to play the Dixon brothers video game spin-off to find out what happens to them. Angrily, Rick made it clear to Michonne that she would only get medical care and is not welcome to join them. Was that a Hyundai Tucson product placement, the only car that would survive a zombie apocalypse?

Tyreese and his group carried Donna’s body outside for burial when Allen and Ben had the idea of overpowering our heroes and taking over the prison. “A little kid, a woman, a girl and a one-legged old man,” said Allen. Both Tyreese and Sasha were against that idea. I think that scene just gave us two new red-shirts. Right then, Beth and Axel came out with some tools to help with the burial. Tyreese and Sasha accepted the tool but quickly blocked the other two away from Beth and Axel.

A red pickup truck blocked the path of our Hyundai Tucson. Trying to move it, Glenn was attacked by a walker inside. Glenn took his aggression out on the walker with just his boot while Rick and Maggie looked dumbfounded. Glenn was upset that Rick did not kill the Governor and that he let Daryl leave.

Back at Woodbury, Andrea and Milton tried to assess the situation in their town and with the Governor, when a small mob of people and cars tried to leave, causing a scuffle with the guards at the gate. Before long, screams rang out, and Andrea and minion Martinez ran towards several walkers having a snack of some residents. After they dispatched of the walkers, a victim was still alive but struggling. When no one could do anything to help, the Governor strode up, put a bullet in his head and went back inside.

The Hyundai Tucson arrived at the prison, and while Rick had a quick reunion with Carl, Carol looked a little frantic when she didn’t see Daryl with them. Rick explained and had to console an upset Carol.

twd309 15x - The Walking Dead: Recap of Episode 3.09 - The Suicide King

In the Governor’s apartment, Andrea confronted him about the scared town folks, about Daryl and why she wasn’t told about her friends. She even accused the Governor of shutting her out emotionally.

At the prison, Hershel updated Rick about the new arrivals but Rick ignored them before reuniting with a crying baby Judith.

The town folks at Woodbury demanded answers from the Governor and would not listen to Milton until Andrea stepped in with a satisfying speech about perseverance.

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Beth tried to comfort Carol about Daryl but worried about being weak without Daryl. However, Carol thought Tyreese and his group seemed capable. Maggie and Glenn had a bad moment while Hershel was cleaning him up. What would happen to our favorite couple now?

Continuing his medical rotation, Hershel tended to a sleeping Michonne and indicated to Rick that she wouldn’t be able to travel for a couple more days.

Carol comforted Axel about Oscar when the group conferred about their dwindling numbers, knowing that the Governor would retaliate soon. Rick finally met the new arrivals but refused to be convinced by Tyreese and Sasha to let them stay. Hershel even had to take him aside to plead their case. Before Rick could decide, he started to hallucinate a Lori-like figure upstairs and freaked out, scaring everyone there. Tyreese and his group were even scared enough to leave. Another breakdown? This time there isn’t a telephone in sight.

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wdret - The Walking Dead: Recap of Episode 3.09 - The Suicide King

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