EFM 2013: Take a Bite Out of the Sales Art for Chomp 3D

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Know what we need? We need a movie about super-sized man-eating alligators (in 3D of course) that’s rated PG-13 to “maximize the target audience.” Didn’t anyone learn anything from Shark Night?

Said to mix the humor of Gremlins with the sheer terror and smarts(!) of Deep Blue Sea, Chomp 3D is set against the backdrop of the Louisiana bayou and flavored with Cajun culture. Expect many pools of bloody water and little else. The flick is on sale right now at EFM with no director attached. The flick, if sold, will be produced by Golden Globe nominee Dan Grodnik and executive produced by multiple Indie Spirit nominee Nick Stiliadis. The story is written by Louisiana native, ex-ATF agent, and award-winning author and screenwriter Chuck Hustmyre.

A wild storm off the coast of Louisiana sends the Chinese freighter “Sea Dragon” crashing into the break wall and spilling its deadly cargo. Unknown to the inhabitants of the tiny island community of Grand Lafitte is that on the eve of tourism season, all hell is about to break loose!

The friendly island is being overrun by hundreds of genetically enhanced “super-sized” alligators, the result of a genetic experiment designed to boost profits. These man-eating beasts measure over 20 feet long and weigh in excess of a ton. With a prehistoric look and a bad attitude to match, these creatures are attacking everybody and everything, leaving the authorities of this coastal island town in shock.

Enter the Broussard brothers, former stars of their own reality alligator hunting show, who find themselves the most unlikely of heroes. With their extraordinary alligator-hunting skills and intimate knowledge of the swamp, the three brothers are the last line of defense between the townspeople and alligator annihilation. The ornery gators have finally met their match!

chomp3d - EFM 2013: Take a Bite Out of the Sales Art for Chomp 3D

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