New Images and Distribution News for Adam Steigert’s Ombis

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We’ve been talking about Adam Steigert’s horror/sci-fi opus Ombis for quite some time, and now we have some good news to share as the film has landed a distribution deal with Phoenix Group Releasing.

From the Press Release:
DefTone Pictures Studios, Inc., has signed a distribution deal with Phoenix Group Releasing to release upcoming science fiction/horror film Ombis. Ombis is directed by Adam R. Steigert and stars Richard Satterwhite, Jason John Beebe, Sara Manzella, Michael Sciabarrasi, Kathy Murphy, and Alexander Sloan Mcbryde and introduces Rich Winiatowski and Aryn Fitzgerald.

Currently DefTone and Phoenix Group aren’t publishing a release date for the film; however, they are in talks to release it domestically and to the foreign market in the middle of 2013. This bumps up DefTone’s original release date of October 13, 2013, which the studio set in 2011 prior to the Phoenix Group Releasing acquiring Ombis for distribution. Phoenix Group Releasing shares a direct relationship with broadcast cable/satellite operators for PPV/VOD in North America that covers more than 80 million homes and is very active in major markets such as AFM, MIPCOM, CANNES, and NAPTE, as well as screening invitations to more than 1,000 film and programming buyers around the world. So the chances that the epic alien invasions will begin in 2013 are only going to be that much easier!

ombis1 - New Images and Distribution News for Adam Steigert's Ombis

ombis2 - New Images and Distribution News for Adam Steigert's Ombis

ombis3 - New Images and Distribution News for Adam Steigert's Ombis

Peaceful, rustic Metzburgh is a quiet village that was a former industrial town whose glory days are long past after the collapse of Metzburgh Grain. Teenager Mark Lowe (Jason John Beebe) and his ex-girlfriend Lucy Greenheart (Sarah Manzella) are stuck in a lovers quarrel when a meteorite crash lands in the passive community. Glen (Robert Bozek ), an ex-employee of the grain silos who became homeless after the collapse of the mills, stumbles upon the fiery crash. Unaware that his find could be dangerous, he gets too close and a chemical poison sprays out of the meteorite, enveloping him. The chemical agent known as Ombis begins to turn his insides into a slimly substance. Unable to stop the spread of the infection, Glen runs onto the road, where Mark and Lucy find him. The two take him to the only doctor in town, Doctor D (Deborah Manzella).

Mark and Lucy are shocked by their gruesome discovery and immediately contact the local sheriff (Richard Satterwhite), who is on a date with lovely waitress Daisy (Kathy Murphy). With their date being interrupted, they aid the traumatized lovebirds. With no sign of the creature or its victims, Brackett dismisses Mark’s fantastic story. Quickly returning to where the meteorite crash landed, Mark finds a new horrific discovery that the meteorite wasn’t the only creature to crash land on Earth.

With the townsfolk overrun by the virus and the collateral damage adding up, a special containment team shows up to try to keep order and contain the plague. The human struggle of the residents of Metzburgh and their fight for survival then begins as the village is overrun with the alien invasion and the mutated humans that it creates.

For more be sure to visit the official DefTone Pictures Studios website.

ombistheatrical - New Images and Distribution News for Adam Steigert's Ombis

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